EDDM Postcard FAQ

EDDM® stands for Every Door Direct Mail® which is a marketing service ran by the United States post office. If you have ever tried to drop off 1000 or even 5000 postcards before you know it takes up a lot of your time. Have you ever hired the neighbor's kids to deliver your postcards door to door and then wonder if they really did them all? Well worry no more this program works!

We print a lot of EDDM® postcards and get a lot of questions in all phases of the printing job so I was asked to write this and answer some of the main ones. As always if you have any questions please give us a call.

eddm questions faq
  1. Is there a minimum or maximum to the amount of postcards I can send through EDDM®?It really depends on your budget concern and how urgent your message is. You can start a campaign with only 200 Postcards in any neighborhood but I strongly suggest you begin with 1,000 as a minimum. Our prices on 1000 postcards are very low and that number will increase your marketing effectiveness plus give you a number you can work out your calculations with for your ROI (Return on investment). Furthermore you can up to 5,000 Postcards per day and stay within the EDDM Retail® service guidelines. Exceeding that will have different fees.
  2. EDDM Retail® and Every Door Direct Mail what's the difference?It's confusing only for a few seconds let me explain how this worksEDDM Retail® will allow you to send out anywhere from 200 to 5,000 EDDM® postcards per day without having to purchase a postage permit. This is the most popular way of doing EDDM® marketing because you can always send out another 5,000 more the next day and save on the permit fees.If you need to get all your postcards delivered on the same day and that number is over 5,000 and you have to take a few extra steps but its not that bad. First you will need to purchase a Mailing Permit and since you are doing such a large volume you will need to bring your postcards to a BMEU which stands for the local business entry unit instead of any EDDM® ready Post Office. So basically get a permit and go to the main office.
  3. How can I find out if there is a route available in the area I want to market to?You can use a free tool on the USPS website to find and find the available routes for EDDM® and track carrier routes. If you like we are more than happy to help locate the areas for you just give us a call at 877-908-9383.
  4. Can I send only businesses and not choose residential addresses?Sorry currently EDDM® Postcards can be sent to businesses but you have to also send them out to the residential address on that route as well you can exclude residential.
  5. How about if I want to do the opposite and send to only residences and not business?Yes, that you can do.
  6. Can I send out any type of Postcard to use with EDDM?No, EDDM® has some restrictions on what size the postcards can be to qualify for their Every Door Direct Mail campaign. The most common postcard size we have is 4x6 and that is not an allowed size. But, we do have seven different sizes that meet the rules for EDDM. And remember we are a discount printing service. The sizes we have available are  6.5"x9" • 6.5"x12" • 8"x6.5" • 8"x10" • 8.5"x11" • 9"x11" • 9"x12".
  7. Why does it say BusinessCardsFlyersBanners on your website it thought you are EDDM® Discounts?BusinessCardsFlyersBanners is our main printing company that also offers discount postcard printing as well as other custom marketing items.
  8. I need some ideas for my postcard design do you have any?Absolutely, everyone here has a background in graphic design and we have created many marketing materials besides postcards. Either we can give you a few pointers so you can grab a free postcard template and create yourself or you can have us work with you and design a postcard that will have a strong call to action and stand out from the others. The choice is yours we just want to be your discount EDDM® Printer and hope to earn more of your business in the future.

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