EDDM Every Door Direct Mail

1000 every door direct mail postcards

You do not even need a mailing list when you use the new USPS service ©Every Door Direct Mail marketing.

For only $0.178 cents per door the POST OFFICE will deliver your marketing postcard to every address in the route that you choose. You can even have them send out up to 5,000 postcards per day without needing to get a postal permit.

The POST OFFICE will deliver up to 5000 addresses per day without you having to purchase a postal permit or even a mailing list.


Are you excited about marketing your business with EDDM marketing but still have questions? Take a look at our Faq page and if you still have any questions please ask us.

FAQ on EDDM Marketing

We have put together a few tips that help us when we design EDDM® Postcards. We hope you find it useful and are always happy to help you design your EDDM® Postcard.

EDDM Postcard Design Tips

Grab some of our free ©Every Door Direct Mail Postcard templates. Choose from our selection of templates including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign files and more.

EDDM Postcard Templates

How to market your business with an ©Every Door Direct MailDoor Direct Mail Campaign

How to market your business with an ©Every Door Direct Mail

You can choose from Self Service to Full Service you you purchase from us.

1) Self Service Order our already discounted priced postcards and we will print and ship them directly to your address. When you postcards arrive separate them into stacks and wrap them into bricks. Simply fill out the forms for your ©Every Door Direct Mail campaign and bring them you a nearby EDDM® ready POST OFFICE.

2) Full Service We are adding a new full service feature where we will do all the paperwork for you as well as separate your postcards into the required amounts and provide them to the POST OFFICE for your local route delivery. If you are interested in this service please give us a call at 877-908-9383

We have answered many questions when it comes to EDDM® marketing please visit our EDDM® Faq page if you have any questions or contact us.

With EDDM® ©Every Door Direct Mail THERE IS NO POSTAGE PERMIT REQUIRED. If you send out 5,000 Postcards per day the POST OFFICE won’t ask you to purchase a Postal Permit. That can save you a lot of money.

DON’T PAY FOR AN EXPENSIVE MAILING LIST you won’t need one. Instead of having to have labels or print on the individual address on the backs of your postcards we simply print the words POSTAL CUSTOMER into the same area. The local postal carrier will then add them to their route and distribute them to your chosen address along with their daily mail.

You’r EDDM®Postcards stick out not only because of your genius design and call to action but also due to the LARGER SIZED POSTCARDS that you get to use. EDDM® postcards are required to be certain sizes starting a 6.25″x9″ and larger. Our Postcards are high quality that you could resell them for a profit because we do enough volume that we can offer cheap postcard printing. So do not let the having to have a larger size postcard stop you from marketing you can still get 1,000 Postcards from us for around 100.00 that is EDDM® compliant. Plus you get to have more room to add visuals that can help you get your message across.

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